Writer's Block, Part 3

In a final attempt to find inspiration for her bondage story, Raevan decides to get into costume. She dons a long and tight red rubber dress, satin opera gloves and high heels, before handcuffing herself. Finally the creative juices are flowing, and she imagines herself tied to a cross.

The Suffering Pt. 1

Jasmine de Launay is in a miniskirt, hanging tied to a cross, in a set entitled The Suffering Pt 1.

The Fastening

Assisted Suicide sees herself being tied gradually to a post, and eventually gagged. Sometimes frightened, sometimes undignified, always sexy.

Shanghaied For Pleasure 3

In this third and final act, our damsel is forced to silence herself with a bitgag, before being made to crawl into a crammed cage. She then has her hands handcuffed behind her back before the door is slammed shut.

PVC Wench

Ivy Leaf stars as a PVC wench, tied, manacled and silenced by a very large ballgag.

Firing Squad

Dominick stars in a shoot entitled Firing Squad where she is tied to a post and blindfolded. She wears a dotted red dress and has no idea what's coming for her.

Special Agents, Part 2

Agent Spectre explains their new assignment to her colleague, Agent 69, as they stroll up to the mansion of renowned art collector Fran├žois Dubois, for his charity gala. After the introduction speech, both girls reconvene outside and decide to create a diversion. A bound Agent 69 is to give her colleague 10 minutes to sneak into the mansion before causing a scene. But 69 seems to have different plans...

Bitgagged And Tied To Bench

Nattsuko, wearing a long black satin skirt and silenced by a bitgag, is tied to a bench with red rope and has her ankles manacled.

Garden Ornament

This gallery has Tulaine tied belly-first to a pole, reminiscent of an old John Willie painting.

Profoundly Entangled

Assisted Suicide has her spread arms tied to wooden bar, which is anchored to the ceiling. Another rope, tied at her knees, anchors her to the ground. A ballgag muffles her moans.