The Waiting Captive

In this set we have Brede gagged and tied to a post. She is bound with red rope and gagged with a red scarf.

Abducted Student

In this set we have Ariel in her school girl's clothes, gagged and tied to a chair, squirming and struggling.

The New Initiate, Part 2

Catya's trials to be initiated into the order of Hoissy continue. After the ordeal of being caged and chained, she is now tied to the wall and gagged. Her mentor Elyssia doesn't get away unscathed either, as she has her arms wrapped around Catya, handcuffed securely.

Helpless And Exposed

Elena is helpless and exposed, partially nude, and tied to the all. A solid bitgag muffles her pleas for help.

Twins Of Darkness Part 2

This is the chilling conclusion to Twins of Darkness, featuring Sapphire as both twins! Part two comes with 53 photos.

Captive Dreams, Part 2

At the end of part one, it looked like Sammie B had escaped her nightmare predicament, when in effect she merely advanced to another. In this instalment, we see Sammie in a tight, black PVC catsuit, spread out on a wooden table, arms and legs tied, silenced with a thick cloth gag. Can she escape this peril by force of will?

Without Escape

Nattsuko finds herself tied to a post, and during the set she is silenced with a cleave-gag.


Ivy features in a set entitled Benchmark. She is clothed in a figure-hugging crushed velvet dress, with leather boots, and is tied to a bench, with her arms spread outwards.

Wrongfully Accused And Sentenced

In this gripping tale we find Dominick sentenced to hard labour for a crime she didn't commit. Shackled in irons, Dominick is dragged behind a horse to the prison camp. She spends her days grinding a wheel with a fellow prisoner, chained and manacled. After countless days of unforgiving labour, Dominick seizes her chance and attempts an escape. But will she get far?

Dream Come True 3

This is the final set from the Dream Come True story, where Sapphire wants to live out a dream she had. A friend ties her up on request, but Sapphire completely forgot to ask her to come and untie her later!