Waiting For Her Purpose

Lex is kneeling alone in a room, with her hands tied to opposite walls, and her ankles bound together. She is further silenced by a cleave-gag.

Tied In Red

Tied in Red features Asphyxia all tied up and ballgagged, rolling around in the grass.

Chained to Tree

Nattsuko finds herself chained to a tree and ballgagged to boot!

Writer's Block 2

Raevan has writer's block. To give her inner muse a little push, she has decided to try writing whilst handcuffed. The story she dreams up this time involves leopard print underwear, a ballgag and chains, all on a hunt gone wrong.

Tied On Tiptoes

Ivory's feet have to wrestle with an incredibly small ledge to stand on, while the rest of her body is securely bound to a wooden cross.

Young Belle Bound

Dominick is playing the part of an innocent belle, who somehow ended up in a spot of trouble, which sees her tied gradually to a post. Lucky for us!

A Sinister Pleasure, Part 2

This is the second and final part of A Sinister Pleasure, where Ariel succumbs to her dark side, and ties herself up tightly. She digs out a large ballgag and stuffs it into her mouth, before binding her wrists securely.

Afterparty In Manacles

Elyssia is gussied up in an elegant cocktail dress and matching high heels, but the afterparty is a little unusual, as she finds herself locked in iron manacles, around a wooden post outdoors.

Up On The Cross

Assisted Suicide is tied tightly to a large cross, and what's more, silenced by a ballgag.


In Entangled we see Deception struggle, bound as she is by ropes criss-crossing her entire body. Her arms are wide apart, with the wrists tied to metal rings in the wall.