Helpless On Chair

This set stars Elladee manacled, bitgagged and tied to a chair.

Bound In Lingerie

Ivory is wearing black lingerie and stockings. She is all trussed up with red rope and cleave-gagged with leopard-print fabric. She struggles and writhes on the floor but cannot free herself.

Hogtied On Table

Madison is bound in an unforgiving hogtie, including a crotch rope, and a thick cleave-gag. She lays upon a table and is further tied down to it.

Staked In The Grass

Dominick, in a strict bitgag, is tied to stakes in the ground. In her skimpy PVC outfit, she is left in the blistering sun, unable to move.

Snatched And Confounded 2

In hour two of waiting for the ransom, Carmina has to endure a new torment. In a purple, crushed velvet dress, she is tied to a tree, with her arms spread and bound to a horizontal pole. She is kept silenced by a large bitgag.

Bondage Lover 2

This is the final set of photos from Blossom's Bondage Lover shoot, where she asks the viewer to tie her up and do with her as he likes. She is ballgagged and chained in the beginning but - apart from her hands - she gets gradually untied.

Captured Batgirl 2

Now there's a fond childhood fantasy. Scarlett dons the costume for this one and plays the role of the heroine in distress, chairtied and ballgagged, completely helpless at the mercy of any villain.

Ransom Day One

Pepsi finds herself snatched away, tied and gagged. She is left struggling futilely for what could be hours, before her captors force her to record a ransom demand. Part one in the series.

Crucified And Gagged

This set shows Dominick, dressed only in lingerie, tied to a cross and cleave-gagged. A sloping foot piece ensures plenty of effort is expended to keep vaguely upright, and the ties on her wrists and ankles are utterly non-negotiable.

BftP: Captive Glamour

Set featuring Truth tied and gagged in PVC.