Mistress And Slaves

Asphyxia, our PVC, buckles and spikes clad Mistress, leads her two slaves about in this set. Nattsuko and B are both bitgagged, and tied back to back between two trees. What might Asphyxia have in store for these two?

No Walk In The Park

That's B's predicament. Wearing fishnets, high heels, a short, frilly skirt and a basque, she finds herself ambushed on a seemingly routine stroll through the park. See the aftermath.

Picnic Interrupted, Part 3

In this final instalment of the this story, our victim Catya is kneeling with her back against a post, her arms bound behind it at the elbows, and her silver booted feet tied together. She has no hope of escape and her ballgag prevents her from screaming for help.

Ascension 2

These are the pictures to the exciting conclusion to Scarlett's Ascension story, wherein she is manacled and bound to the floor.

A Fresh Recruit 2

Elyssia plays Lara Fontaine in this story, a affluent woman who gives up her luxurious lifestyle to become the property of the Disciples of Hoissy. In this photoset, we see her sleeping arrangement, tied and ballgagged.

Bound Businesswoman

Business woman Scarlett is tied in inescapable bonds with a lot of rope. A ball and chain is firmly attached to her high-heeled foot, and a large ballgag harness silences all but the lustiest moans.

Trapped In Lycra Sack

A tape gagged Sammie B is bound in a tight-fitting fabric body bag with arms on the inside.

Her Cover Blown

Brede plays a captured spy in this set. Her captors leave her in a different tie after each, progressively more demanding, interrogation. Will our brave heroine break under the duress? In this first part she is tied down to the floor.

Gala Abduction

Philanthropist Elyssia has been rudely abducted from a charity gala. Still in her formal, figure hugging gown, and heels, she is tied to a post in the abductor's garden, and made to wait until ransomed.


This set features caped Elena in thigh-high boots and a tight rubber skirt, manacled topless to the wall.