Without Escape

Scarlett is silenced by a bitgag and tied securely to a chair.

Held For Ransom

Freya, in a leather skirt and top, and high heels, is mercilessly tied to a throne with her arms above her head. Many lengths of rope wind around her and keep her tightly secured. Despite her predicament and the punishing ballgag in her mouth, she remains defiant.

Hogtied Secretary

In the first part of this set Ariel, dressed as a secretary, is wearing heavy manacles. Later she is hogtied and ballgagged on the floor.

Brick Torment

Sammie B is in a devious brick torment situation. Her hands and elbows are all tied and a knotted crotch rope is balanced against a heavy brick.

Against The Wall

AltSiren is tied to the wall with her legs together and arms spread. Red rope holds her securely in place, and winds around her thighs all the way down to her high heeled feet. She is wearing a black dress, and is cleave-gagged.

Tied Outside

Ivy is marched outside in chains before being gagged and tied securely to a wooden table outside. Watch her struggle from every angle.

Captured Witch

Mellie D is chained heavily to the very stocks she is restrained in. She is wearing a purple, crushed velvet skirt and black top, and shiny high heels.

Bound To Reflect

In this video we see humiliated Pepsi, trapped in wooden stocks, walking to a cross, to which she is then bound. Thus tied she is left on her own, without chance of escape, and no rescue in sight.

In A Bind

Sapphire gets into quite a bind this set. First her arms and elbows are tied tightly behind her back, and eventually she's squirming on the floor in a full hogtie and ballgag.

Captive Princess 3

Fayth on Fire is dressed in a pink satin gown with white high heels. Her wrists are locked in heavy manacles behind her back, which are chained to the floor. A metal ball is chained to her ankle, and a large ballgag rests in her mouth. Fayth struggles against her bonds to no avail.