Snatched And Confounded, Part 3

In the final instalment of Carmina's Snatched and Confounded ordeal, we see her facing a tree, her legs spread by a metal bar, her hands pulled high above her head, and her chest roped to the tree. A large tape gag covers her mouth, and she struggles as she waits for her release. But wait - is there a twist?

Bound On The Couch

Anastasia is completely bound, with her wrists additionally locked in handcuffs. In a cruel twist, the key to the cuffs is taped to the ballgag wedged in her mouth. So close, yet so far.

Bondage In The Sun

Brede is wearing a leather mini-dress, gagged with rope that winds around her breasts, with her hands tied above her head.

On The Cross

Kittysocks had a rude awakening and finds herself tied to a heavy wooden cross. Her arms are spread out wide and impossible to move from where the ropes anchor them, and while her legs are free, her torso is bound tightly, and all she can do is shift uncomfortably.

In Chains

Ivy finds herself restrained in heavy chains, padlocked to the wall. No knife would sever her ties.

The Interview 2

Asphyxia and Nattsuko are tied back to back on chairs. They're ballgagged and unable to free themselves.

Tied To The Cross

Luisa is ballgagged and tied to a cross that lies propped up on the floor. Her arms are stretched out and tied with a lot of rope both around her wrists and near her shoulders. Further ropes bind her waist and her ankles just above her high heels. Her short black skirt falls lazily across her bare legs as she struggles against her bonds.

Intriguing Proposition

Elegantly dressed Elyssia has agreed to a naughty proposition, involving her submission for the day. She starts tied to a chair, while she listens to what else will be in store for her.

All Play

Watch Lazuli swing, tied as she is to a beam, in black PVC trousers, and high heels.

Evening Plans Interrupted

Brede and Madison are getting ready for a night out when they hear a strange noise out back. Before they know it, they find themselves bound, gagged and chained to the wall and each other. Their plans dangerously ruined, the two girls must now try and free themselves from their predicament.