Practice What You Preach, Part 3

In her continuing efforts to thoroughly test her bondage scenarios before subjecting her slaves to them, Rebekka gets chained outside, with her arms and hands tightly bound to a cross-beam above her head. A huge ballgag is wedged in her mouth. Her rubber outfit leaves her bum exposed.

Staked In The Grass 2

Dominick is staked out in the grass, feet together and arms apart. She's wearing a skimpy, black PVC outfit and high heels. A bitgag keeps her from calling for help.

A Fresh Recruit

Elyssia, posing as a certain Lara Fontaine, seeks to be accepted into the Disciples of Hoissy, and is willing to do anything it takes. Follow her journey through submission, humiliation and punishment!

The Conditional Inheritance, Part 4

To gain her inheritance, Beckykat has to subject herself to a series of eccentric torments. This latest one sees her kneeling outdoors, with heavy chains spreading out from her neck to poles driven into the ground around her. Inescapable manacles secure her wrists in front of her, and a large bitgag is wedged in her mouth.

For Sale

In this set we have Azzriel in a medieval dress, gagged and in stocks, on display to potential buyers. Any takers?

Chained And Tied 2

Scarlett is restrained by both heavy chains and tight ropes in this set. Black rope binds her hands behind her back and keeps her knees locked together. A net of chains winds around her chest and spreads out to the four corners of her prison.

Captive Dreams, Part 4

This instalment continues and concludes the dreamy torments of Sammie B. Having escaped the cage segment, our poor damsel nevertheless finds herself in a new predicament, bound and gagged, as she is, on a couch. After much struggling, Sammie is prepared to resign herself to her faith, just as we get a glimpse of the scheming power behind her captive dream.

Dom Dreams III

The Dom Dreams mini series now concludes with the third instalment. In this part Dominick gets very attached to a cross. So much so in fact that she'll have a hard time letting go. Find out for yourselves...

No More Running

Asphyxia finds herself in heavy duty handcuffs, cuffed first in front of her, and later behind her back. A ballgag is also thrown into the mix later.

Dinner Presentation

Andrea Rosu is wearing a figure-hugging stocking suit and high heels, and is displayed as a conversation piece for all the dinner guests to see. Her legs are bound tightly and her arms are tied spread out, and a bitgag is lodged in her mouth.