Bondage Bundle Speed Trial

Luisa is tied up tightly in a veritable bondage bundle. Watch her race against the clock as she tries to free herself. The ballgag harness she's wearing is one of her first targets, but it proves almost impossible to escape.


Raevan, in a rubber outfit, complete with latex mask, is ballgagged and handcuffed. What fiendish fantasies hide behind those eyes?

Twins Of Darkness Part 1

Twins of Darkness tells the story of two sisters identical on the outside, but who couldn't be more different inside. Captured and chained by her twin, the innocent victim has to listen to her demented sister's ramblings, while watching her - her only means of escape - tie herself up.

Lost Bet, Part 3

Having lost a bet with her brother's friend, Madison is forced to submit herself to the latter's servitude for one afternoon. This time he has her dressed in lacy lingerie and sequestered away in a cage. To top it off she is handcuffed, and when she threatens to scream for help, he ballgags her.

Mazes And Magic

Brede awaits being sold as a slave. She is manacled and chained to the ground.

Girlfriends in Trouble

Both Elyssia and Tarda are tied up following the boyfriend walking in on what he thought was his loyal girlfriend. What else might he have in store for them?

Penal System Omega, Part 2

Elyssia has been a bad girl again, and is getting punished once more under the experimental bondage penal system. Having all but forgotten her first ordeal, she decides to dress up, so the people checking her video to make sure has endured the whole sentence have something to look at. But a little while into her penance, the strictness of the hogtie and ballgag, and her utter helplessness become all too apparent.

Bondage Lover

In this story we have Blossom Blois asking to be tied up. How can anyone resist that? We see completely caught in a web of chains. We'd ask whether that was what she had in mind, but we wouldn't be able to make her out through the ballgag anyhow.

Tethered to Tree

This set shows Scarlett in a summer dress, bitgagged, with her arms and chest tied tightly. A length of rope tethers her to a nearby tree.

The Casting Call, Part 1

When Peaches turns up for a casting call for the role of a damsel in distress, she expects a certain amount of bondage. Thus she is happy to be tied up in a variety of ways and outfits. But why is she telling her story while chained to a chair?