Caught In A Dream

Sammie B is tied to the wall with her arms spread, wearing a long, satin evening gown. Her ankles are tied and she is silenced with a purple ballgag. She struggles against her bonds but cannot escape.

Time Trial

Madison struggles against the clock in this time trial. The challenge is to free herself or give up trying. Madison is bound cruelly with her arms behind her back, and further lengths of ropes around her shiny legs.

Chained To The Chair 2

Sat on a heavy chair, and wearing a corset and black leggings, Peaches is secured to the chair with an iron chain around her waist. Her hands are handcuffed in front of her, and another length of chain binds her ankles.


Azzriel can be seen tied and gagged in a satin gown in this gallery.

The Psychic Detective, Part 3

In the final instalment of this story, detective Kayla once again picks up the psychic residue of an earlier abduction, and feels herself transported into the victim's role. She is bound tightly to a wooden cross, in a skimpy black dress, silenced with a rubber ballgag. No struggling and squirming can save her from her predicament. Can she solve the case?

Penance At Home

Ivory is chained to the wall by heavy rock counterweights, her arms spread apart. Her ankles are chained together. She is wearing a sheer, satin dress and high heels.

Captured Ranger

Ivy, in a crushed velvet outfit, is gagged and tied to a tree.

Author Of Peril

Elle plays a fictional author renowned for getting her heroines into trouble. When interviewed about this predisposition, she denies everything, but a flashback reveals all.

The Interview

In this story Nattsuko goes to casting interview for a horror movie. Asphyxia, as the casting director, puts her through a vigorous test. As it turns out Nattsuko's role is that of a damsel in distress, so those are the parts they practice.


Ivy is held in an uncomfortable spread-eagle position, precariously balanced on tiptoes.