Ivy is hogtied on a table, ballagged, in a red crushed velvet dress.


AltSiren has agreed to a game with her boyfriend, but what he didn't say was that it involved locking her up inside a cage, with her wrists caught in heavy duty steel manacles! Wearing a stylish short dress and high heels, AltSiren argues for her release, but it's not incoming.

College Games 2

In this set Gestalta is wearing a mini-skirt, black stockings and suspender belt. She is cleave-gagged with white cloth and bound to a chair, struggling in vain against her bonds.

Fresh Bait

Outside, Ivory, dressed in a long big skirt and silenced with a big cleave gag, is struggling against the bonds that tie her to a pole, where she plays the role of fresh bait.


Raevan is wearing net stockings, a corset and high heels. She is spread-eagled between two wooden posts outdoors, with chains on her wrists and ankles. A bitgag silences her.

Limited Swing

This set features Elladee in a satin evening gown, gagged and tied to a swinging beam.

Before The Deed

AltSiren is all tied up with suspension shackles, with her arms spread out wide, standing on a chair. It won't be long before this is pulled out from underneath her, letting her dangle. But beforehand, PVC-clad Elyssia gets her share of pleasure by teasing and whipping her.

The Psychic Detective

Psychic detective Kayla can sense echoes of the past. Sent to a room where an abductee was held, she scours it for psychic imprints. Soon enough she gets a vision, only she sees and experiences herself in the role of the captive, chained and sobbing, helpless to escape.

Redhead In The Rings

Cleave-gagged Kore, in silver high heels, black hotpants and striking red hair, is tied to the wall with her arms spread and legs together.

Extended House Guest

Anastasia is tied to the wall in her captor's lounge. She is wearing rock'n'roll studded heels, a mini-skirt, and a lace corset. She pleads for release through her cleave-gag to no avail.