Damsel Near Despair

Peaches is silenced with a cleave-gag, as she lays on the couch, bound in her lingerie in a tight and unforgiven hogtie. She struggles and squirms to no avail as the ropes refuse to loosen.

In Bondage Land Pt. 2

Asphyxia returns for another instalment in bondage land, wearing her fairytale satin gown.

In the Fangs of... Pt. 1

Rebekka tells her story of being a captive, in this set, revealing her emotions, as we flick between her telling and the actual bondage.

Jungle Girl Bound

Raevan is Jungle Girl, in her leopard print basque and panties, fishnet stockings and high heels. Her hands are bound high above her head, secured to a thick tree branch above. Her ankles are tied with jute rope, and she is silenced with a cloth gag.

Hunter And Prey

Classic damsels in peril situation in Hunter and Prey where we have a hapless Dominick and a tied up Catya in the woods.

Tied And Helpless

Ivy Leaf features in this gallery, dressed in a flimsy little number, tied to chair, waiting demurely. Half-way through she gets silenced with a cleave-gag too.

Slow To The Rescue, Part 2

After the plan from part one failed, the con artists decide to try again. This time the trail of bread crumbs that should lead to them is much easier, as Deception doesn't want to spend another day in painful bondage. She decides to be tied to a chair. Will they find her this time?

Dom Dreams

Dominick features in Dom Dreams as a person with the strange power to experience herself tied up with any objects she touches.

Pet Garden Toy

In this set the inimitable Jasmine de Launay is our resident garden toy, tied to a stake in her short skirt and black boots, and a regulatory cleave gag.

Caught In The Act, Part 2

Left to ponder her fate in a cage, Ivory's captors return and present her with her second trial - a night in chains. What they didn't tell her was that it would be in complete darkness too!