Punished For Dirty Deeds

Frolicking inside is cowgirl Sapphire punished for dirty deeds. What deeds might those be? You decide, while she sits through the ordeal, tied, in stocks, chained and gagged.


JenVy is tied very tightly, secured to a chair. Elbows pulled tight behind her back and ankles bound to the chair leg, the poor girl has little wriggle room. A very effective ballgag harness prevent her from calling for help, as she wakes up and finds herself completely powerless.

A Night In

This set features Mellie D in a short PVC dress gagged and tied to a chair.

Tied To Pole

Brede is gagged and tied to a pole in the garden, wearing a purple punk miniskirt.

Snatched And Confounded

Carmina is trapped inside a car trunk, blindfolded, ballgagged and with hands and feet cuffed. When she is finally released, it is only for her to read out her captors' demands, which include a clause that subjects her to a new torment each hour, until her ransom is paid; the catch being that the meeting spot is dastardly difficult to reach. In the first hour, her hands are manacled and chained above her head.

Over For Dinner 2

Elle is tied down to a table, with her arms spread and legs bound together. She is wearing lingerie and a sparkling corset. She struggles against her predicament in vain, and moans as she wriggles in her bonds.

Spread And Chained

Summer dress wearing Alais Peach is spread out on the wooden floor in this set, wrists and ankles manacled by chains, even as a ballgag rests in her mouth.

Practice What You Preach

Rebekka leads her slavegirl around the garden, where she picks out new bondage scenarios to be enacted upon her guests. However, being always the professional, she tries them all out on herself first, to ensure they are especially cruel. In this first part, Rebekka is tied spread-eagle between two trees and cleave-gagged.

Against Pole

Ivory is in a big, gothic skirt gagged and tied to a pole. She is gagged with a thick, purple scarf.

Waiting Sacrifice

Elle finds herself chained to a sacrificial post. Powerless and gagged as she is, all she can do is wait. And squirm a little bit of course.