In The Fangs Of... Part 2

This set concludes Rebekka's tale of woe that left her in the fangs of some mysterious force. Watch her tell her story and see her struggling tied to a chair in a dark room in these pictures.

Creative Justice, Part 2

Having freed herself from Elyssia's grasp, Violet Reign proceeds to teach the former a lesson in humility by hogtying and ballgagging her on a garden bench, and then leaving her to struggle and stew in her own helplessness. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse for the would-be burglar, as police surround the premises.

Tied In PVC

In this set we have a ballgagged Pepsi clad all in PVC and tied to a ladder, with her hands high above her head.

Simply Left Hanging

Ivy Leaf is chained to the bondage frame outside, wearing a long, blue evening gown. She is left hanging there helplessly, before being ballgagged as well.

Caught In The Act, Part 3

For the finale of Ivory's punishments for stealing, her co-workers tie her to a contraption of bamboo sticks, leaving her precariously balanced, and unable to escape. She weathers this last ordeal, but she vows never to steal again.

A Night In Bondage

Blossom Blois appears in this set where she is dared to spend a night in a dark shed, completely tied up, and she thinks she can do that. But the middle of the night may bring surprises to this helpless morsel.

Used As Bait

This set features Asphyxia chained to a pole with her hands above her head, silenced by a bitgag and her knees tied together.

Penal System Omega

Raevan has been charged with subversion of company uniform, and sentenced under the experimental penal system omega. She is to spend four hours in partially self-inflicted bondage and film the whole process, as proof of having completed her sentence. Watch her gag herself and struggle in ball and chain.

Dom Dreams II

Dominick Destruction stars in Dom Dreams II, the continuing saga of the girl with the fantasy hands! In this photoset she is cleave gagged in a corset and manacled to the frame.

Confessions of a Captive

Photoset - Confessions of a Captive, where B is lead to a cross handcuffed and ballgagged, then tied to it tightly.