JenVy is tangled in an uncompromising hogtie and any cries for help muffled by a pink cleave-gag. She is wearing a short, black PVC dress and black high heels.

Knock Knock, Chained

In this part of Knock, Knock, AndromedaX wakes up ballgagged and wrapped in chains and manacles. She hoists herself off the sofa and crawls on the floor, but the chain is secured to the heavy sofa, so she doesn't get far.

The Art Thief

In this video we have an art thief, played by Nattsuko, who has been captured by the very person she stole from. The latter, played by B, wants to know where her stolen piece is, and when conventional interrogation methods fail to produce results, she decides to play a psychological game.

Dominatrix Bound

Rebekka Raynor stars in a powerful Dominatrix role, before a sudden change of fortune finds her gagged and chained to the wall, and none too happy about it.

Hogtie Tamed 2

Elle is bound in a merciless hogtie, and silenced with a strict ballgag harness. Her body-fitting, short dress rides up as she struggles and squirms on the floor. Her efforts are in vain, and she cannot escape her ties.

A Sinister Pleasure, Part 1

In A Sinister Pleasure, Ariel comes across a bondage magazine and finds herself intrigued by the images therein. So much so in fact, that she decides to procure some ropes and have a little experiment of her own.


In this gallery, we have the lovely Sammie B, chained to the wall, to be treasured for a long time.


Fay, in a tight, red dress, is struggling on the floor, locked in an unforgiving hogtie, with her elbows bound closely together. A large rubber bitgag is lodged in her mouth.

The Alibi

Fancying herself a genius jewel thief, AltSiren concocts the perfect alibi, which leaves her ballgagged and in a strict hogtie, and thus completely outside suspicion. What could possibly go wrong?

Unsuspecting Stand-in 2

Fayth on Fire is standing in for another actor, but the role is a little unusual. At first only curious when the role demands her wrists be tied, she is shocked and worried when she ends up utterly bound to the chair.