Chained and Caged

In Chained and Caged, innocent victims Catya and Deception are manacled and held inside a claustrophobic cage.

Ascension, Part 1: Flagellation

Ascension is a multi-parter starring Scarlett, where, in the first part, we get a quick lesson on flagellation, before Scarlett is attacked by a mysterious assailant.

The New Initiate

Catya is joining the Order of Hoissy. Established member Elyssia is to be her guide, with the new girl's punishments becoming her punishments too. Both girls kneeling in shackles, they recite their requests, before they enter a cage and await the Order's instructions.

Crushed Velvet

Ivory is wearing a crushed velvet dress and black boots and is bound head to toe.

Precarious Balance

Pepsi is cleave-gagged in this set, where she is tied over a chair in danger of toppling over.

Bondage Talk, Part 2

Brede and Madison's bondage talk continues. Madison's suggestion is for both girls to be tied standing back to back, gagged with large silk scarves. Each girl's arms are wrapped around the other's waist and secured with plenty of rope. Adding to it all, Madison's wearing a ball and chain.

Mistress And Slaves 2

Nattsuko and B are in the domineering hands of Mistress Asphyxia this week. Both slaves and gagged, B waiting patiently while Nattsuko is led about. Both are then tied with their arms spread between two trees.


In this gallery we have Mellie D in a silver corset and PVC dress. Cast your eye on the rope, ballgag and chains that restrain her.

Penal System Omega, Part 3

Elyssia has done it again, and fell foul of the experimental penal system she's been subjected to twice before. This time the punishment is even harsher than before, with her legs tied tightly, her protests silenced by a bitgag, and her hands tied behind her back and pulled high above her head. She is to remain like this for three hours. While poor Elyssia suffers, her mischievous friend Nina takes pictures of the helpless girl.

The Fastening Part 2

Assisted Suicide features in The Fastening, Part 2, which sees her truly trussed up to an outdoors pole.