Bondage Dreamscape

Dressed in white lingerie, including stockings and suspenders, and wearing satin gloves, Raevan is lost in a bondage dream world. First handcuffed while having a meal, or chained to a chair, and eventually having become the meal, Raevan is bound tightly on top of a heavy table.

Between Trees

Kittysocks is stretched out between two trees. Her arms are pulled apart, and her chest and ankles are tied together. A large ballgag is lodged in her mouth.

On The Cross

A gagged Kore wearing a mediaeval dress is tied to a cross, feet painfully balancing on a tiny wooden block.

Captive Dreams, Part 1

Bored of TV, Sammie decides to have a little nap, wishing for pleasant dreams. Instead, she finds herself in a long, satin evening gown, tied to the wall, arms spread apart, and with a large ballgag stuck in her mouth. Finally freeing herself from her predicament, she runs for safety, only to emerge in another nightmare.


Azzriel features in this set, and this time she has brought her friend Auraylia. See them tied and gagged securely against the wall, body on body, with their arms raised.

Prisoner In The Sun

Lingerie wearing Assisted Suicide is left out in the sun in heavy chains. A metal spreader bar is locked on her ankles, while her hands are trapped in weathered iron stocks. A chain anchors her firmly in place.

The Session, Part 3

In the final instalment of this series, Caroline's high-born merchant lady, who was arrested trying to smuggle herself into the city of Calthom, is thrown into a cage in a simple tunic, in heavy manacles, for all to see.

Secured Secretary

This set features Lazuli dressed as a business woman tied to a chair and gagged.

A Fresh Catch

Wench Ariel struggles in wooden stocks on a bench, draped in chains.

The Session, Part 2

Caroline Pierce high-born merchant lady has been apprehended by the Calthom city guards, in this role playing game adventure. In this episode, the guards string her up in public for all to see, to shame and humiliate her as a common criminal.