Tied To A Tree

Dressed in a short, crushed velvet dress and high heeled ankle boots, cleave-gagged AltSiren is tied to a tree deep in the woods. She is alone and the ropes are tight and won't budge, despite her struggles.

Kept In The Dark

Ivy Leaf is sitting in a dark room, wearing a short black dress. She is bitgagged and her feet are tied at the ankles. Her hands are tied above her head.


In this gallery we have Abigail in an outdoors set, wearing a long, shiny skirt. She is tape-gagged and tied to a chair in a sunny garden.

A Darling Damsel

Our girl is in quite a predicament in this video. The rose that her captor stuffed into her mouth obviously wasn't going to stay there for very long, but the damsel herself isn't going anywhere.

From Merchant Lady To Slave

In this story, Caroline Pierce plays a noble merchant lady who tried tricking her way into a guarded city. Her ruse was exposed, and soon this high-born lady, used to all the creature comforts, found herself arrested and sold into slavery. Here she is tied and dragged through the streets.


Sapphire is tied in the spread-eagle position, wearing a short, snake-skin skirt and thigh-high boots.

Between Trees

Kittysocks is stretched out between two trees. Her arms are pulled apart, and her chest and ankles are tied together. A large ballgag is lodged in her mouth.

Snatched Model

B poses with a chair, in her rubber dress before being tied to it. A large red ballgag silences her.


Azzriel and Auraylia, wearing fetish PVC nurses' uniforms, are both tied strappado, with their gags entwined. How's that for a close relationship?

Bound, Gagged And Struggling

Damsel in distress Luisa is tied to the wall with red rope. Her arms are bound spread apart, and several lengths loop around her body, hips and ankles. A satin cleave-gag lets nothing but groans escape her mouth as she squirms in her bonds.