The Disappearance Of Elyssia

Elyssia is walking down the road, blissfully unaware of the peril she's about to be thrown into. First, she is stripped down to her underwear, and tied up in a bathtub, where she comes face to face with her disfigured captors. Later, they drag her into a dark room, where is bound spread-eagle against the wall, and left to struggle.

Bound Tightly

Deception is wrapped tightly in rope, its secure grasp winding around legs, hips, waist, breast and shoulders. Her arms are spread apart and tied to the wall. A silk scarf cleave-gags her.

And The Bunny

Brede, in her schoolgirl uniform, is pulled through the corridor at the hands of her disguised captor. He leads her to a banister, where he pulls her hands up above her head and ties them to the post. A ballgag prevents her from screaming for help.

Bundled Up

Barefoot Alais Peach, in a short, black PVC dress, is bundled up into a neat bondage package. Wrists tied to her knees, and knees pulled up towards her neck, she has very little wriggle room, yet struggles to get free. But it won't be that easy.

Locked in the Lounge

B has her hands tied behind her back and is locked in the lounge. She tries the door but cannot open it.

Living Bondage Furniture 2

Wearing a short, figure-hugging, black dress and high heels, ballgagged Nyxon is kneeling on a coffee table, her arms pulled up far above her head behind her back, in a painful and unforgiving strappado.


Scarlett is tied spread-eagle on a hard wooden floor, wearing nothing but black lingerie and high heels. Her limbs are spread far apart and fastened with red rope. Scarlett can't reach a single knot, and is entirely helpless.


Barefoot Kore and Tulaine, both in medieval crushed velvet garb, are tied to sacrificial posts, and cleave-gagged. What sinister ritual have they fallen victim to?

Nature Bound

In Beckykat's first ever bondage adventure, she is bound to a tree by a series of merciless ropes. The thick white ropes wind around her satin dress and secure her tightly to the tree trunk.

Chairbound Time Challenge

Lex Eleven is bound to a chair and cleave-gagged. She is dressed as a business woman, and is attempting to free herself within a given time limit.