Public Penance Part 2

Dominick is on public display in her long, gothic dress. Head and hands in stocks, with the additional chains binding her wrists. Later in the set her legs are tied to the post at her knees as well.

The Suffering Pt. 2

In part two, Jasmine is cleave-gagged and bound very tightly to a cross, with zero chance of escape. Watch her struggle in this set.

Days Of Captivity

Scarlett is outraged at having been absconded with, and worse, being made to wait in ball and chains, like a medieval slave. She provokes her captors, claiming that they're too chicken to use rope like real abductors. She soon gets her wish though, as she finds herself hogtied. As she continues her verbal tirade, the captors eventually force her to take her panties off, before gagging her with them.

Prisoner In The Shed

Sammie B is gagged and in stocks, restrained further by metal chains and padlocks, in a 60 pictures strong set.

College Games

In this set, Gestalta is tied down with her legs crossed and a tight cleave-gag prevents her from calling for help. Tied to a chair and left - the classic pranks are still some of the best.

Penal System Omega

Elyssia has been caught lifting office supplies, but rather than go to jail she has agreed to participate in an experimental penal system, codename Omega. In this system, the offender receives a package with bondage instructions and equipment, which she must follow at home. She has been sentenced to four hours in stocks, ball and chain. She must film herself as proof of penance for the full duration of the sentence.

A Bondage Frame In Use

This set features B, Asphyxia and Nattsuko, all three tied to a large bondage frame and gagged.

Disciples of Hoissy

Blossom wants to join their ranks. Of course that involves swearing complete subservience and obedience to the Masters. Blossom is bitgagged and chained to the wall.

Special Agents, Part 3

Spectre is sneaking around the target house. Unbeknownst to her, Agent 69 is hot on her heels, and reveals her doublecrossing antics in a furious confrontration with Spectre. But having tied and gagged her former partner, Agent 69 is surprised and overwhelmed herself, and both girls end up tied back to back, silenced by ballgags.

Tied to Chair

Elle this set is tightly tape-gagged and strapped down securely to a chair. She can hardly move and her chances of escape are slim to none.