Why Me?

Dominick finds herself at the hands of terrifying captors with an air of the supernatural about them. As she muses her predicament, chained and manacled, she suddenly jumps to action in an attempt to free herself. But then one of her captors enters, and Dominick faints, only to wake up in stricter bondage.

Strictly Tied

This set shows Lazuli, getting gradually more tied up, piece by piece.


As punishment for unspecified deeds, Ivory has to spend the afternoon in stocks. Just to be on the safe side though, she is also chained and has her ankles manacled together. Oh, and she's bitgagged.

Back To Back

Eve and Fay, both in short, black dresses, are tied standing up with their arms together. They struggle in their unusual position.

Held Prisoner

In this set Scarlett is held prisoner. Her arms are chained to opposite rungs and her legs apart with a spreader bar. There is no escape from those bonds!

Rubber Nun

Sammie B plays the part of a rubber-clad nun in this set. Watch her struggle with her predicament, before being gagged and spread-tied to the wall.

The Embrace, Part 1

Elyssia is the damsel in distress in this dramatic vampire story. Chained to a chair and ballgagged, her memories drift back to her first moments with the intriguing and handsome stranger, the early games, and then abruptly waking up utterly tied down in a secluded room...

Tied To Wheel

Elena's ballgag allows practically no sound to escape, and she finds herself tied to a large wooden wheel. She is wearing a red PVC dress.


Lying on the floor, in lingerie and satin mini-skirt, tape-gagged Anastasia tries to free herself from the unforgiving hogtie she has been placed in, but the ropes are going nowhere.

Writer's Block

In this video, Raevan is having a little trouble with her writing assignment. To help her get into the spirit of things, she decides a little roleplay is in order. Suddenly, her mind wanders to a pole-tied damsel in peril...