A Pretty Package

High-heeled Assisted Suicide makes for a pretty package, chained and tied to a tree as she is. She is wearing a short black dress, stockings and a suspender belt, and she is silenced by a cruel ballgag. Her arms are bound above her head, and much rope secures her waist to the tree, while her ankles are locked in manacles.

Tied With Tiger

Struggling in an elegant black dress and matching high heels, Sammie B is aptly tied, gagged and chained on a tiger rug.

On The Cross

In this photoset we have a PVC wearing and ballgagged Auraylia tied to a cross, a good foot above the ground, immobilised in a dangerously inviting spread.

Shackled By The Window

Ellie is chained at foot and manacled. Her arms are up high, securely chained. Thus bound, she is on display to anyone who passes by the window.

Booty Tooch 2

Stacey Von, in a short summer dress, is caught in a strained position outdoors. Her arms are bound tightly to a post, her ankles tied together, while a rope around her waist pulls her outwards.

Washer Woman 2

Elyssia has Jewels exactly where she wants her - tied and gagged. But she's not done with her yet. After undressing her, she spreads her legs and ties them apart, before leaving a completely helpless Jewels to struggle.

Extended House Guest

Clad in a corset, short black skirt, and spiky high heels, Anastasia is tied up in the lounge. A thick cleave-gag runs through her mouth, her knees are bound, and her arms are spread and fastened to the wall. Will she be a well behaved house guest?


AndromedaX is lying on the floor in a strict hogtie. Laboured breathing is the only sound that escapes through the bitgag she's wearing.

Fashion Victim

In this gallery we have Abigail, ballgagged and tied, with her legs pulled up into the air. She struggles to reach the bonds that tug her, but her bound hands cannot free her.

Out In The Woods

AltSiren is tied to two trees out in the forest. Her crossed feet are fastened tightly in the knot of the tree cluster where they rest precariously, while her arms are held high and bound. A ballgag is lodged uncomfortably in her mouth.