A Change Of Plans

Ivory is wearing a long, red evening dress in this set. She's had her feet bound, her arms tied behind her back and pulled up.

A Rude Awakening 2

A slumbering Stacey Von wakes up bound and gagged on a couch, her mouth widely covered over by tape, and blue rope binding her all over. She struggles and thinks for a moment that she can free herself, but ultimately fails.

Tied In The Sun

Ariel is tied to a post out in the bright sun, wearing a short and light summer dress. She is cleave-gagged and squirms and wriggles as the afternoon sun heats her skin.


This set shows a frightful and bound Elena pushed onto a chair, where she is tied up further. Watch her struggle as she frets over what is in store for her.

Back to Back

Sapphire and Sammie are tied head to toe, back to back. Strong ropes wind around their ankles, arms and shoulders before securing them tightly to the ceiling.

The Embrace, Part 2

In part one of The Embrace it all started as a harmless flirt and a bit of kinky play. But when Elyssia awoke later, gagged and tied down to the floor, the fun had gone. And now in part two she has been tied to a bamboo contraption, with her arms and legs spread, leaving her vulnerable and helpless. What do her captors have in store?

At The Slave Market

In this set Assisted Suicide is bitgagged, her torso and arms tied tightly with rope, and her neck and ankles chained to a post. Wouldn't you buy this tasty morsel?

Tied To Post

In this gallery set, Brede is wearing a short, black, PVC ensemble, and is gagged and tied to a post.

Caught In The Act

In part one of this story we see Ivory, as ambitious business woman Victoria, being forced to submit to punishment by her colleagues, after she was discovered stealing from the company. Instead of involving the police, the colleagues put Victoria through three days of bondage.


A bit-gagged Brede lies hogtied on the floor, struggling to move at all. She wears a corset, and bustly skirt.