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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Matters

What browser do I need to view this site?
Limited Audience is designed to work in all modern desktop and mobile browsers. If you are using a very old browser, such as Internet Explorer 8 or older, we cannot guarantee that everything will display as expected. In such a case, we urge you to upgrade to any of the freely available modern browsers.
What format are your videos in, and will I need special software to play them?
All of our videos from recent years are in the popular MP4 format, and will play as standard on most modern desktop and mobile operation systems. Some older videos may be in the Windows Media Video format, for which you may need additional software to play them on non-Windows machines. We are in the process of converting all of our videos to MP4.

Subscription Questions

What is a subscription to Limited Audience?
A subscription gives you full access to all of the photos and videos you see teased on the site. You'll get access to a special Account area, where you'll find the permanent collections plus the constantly changing videos and galleries, which are updated every week. You can download or view online all content. As well as the permanent collection, there are additional subscriber extras.

At the moment, there are 702 videos and 41,940 photos available to subscribers.
How often am I charged?
Your subscription recurs on a regular basis, depending on which subscription option you selected when you signed up. You will be charged the subscription price once per period. The main subscription period is 30 days. You may cancel your subscription at any time.
How can I pay?
We offer a range of payment options through our billing partner Verotel, one of the most trusted billing agents in the industry. Some payment option vary by country. If you wish to pay by a method not listed, please contact us, to see if we can arrange an alternative.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the Verotel support site. Once cancelled, your subscription will remain active for the rest of the current period. So if, for example, you cancelled your monthly subscription after 15 days, you would still have another 15 days left, during which you can continue to use the site as a subscriber.

About Limited Audience

Who's behind it?
Rigging, producing, and editing is done by Frank, who also designed the site and wrote the content management system that powered it. His wife Catya helps out with marketing.
How old is Limited Audience
Limited Audience was established in November 2000, which makes it positively venerable, and has been growing its content and reputation ever since.